Say Goodbye to Outrageous Energy Bills

Choose Moxie Solar in Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; North Liberty, Davenport & Cedar Rapids, IA, for installation

Solar panels are more energy efficient now than ever before, and their technology is constantly advancing. Start tapping into the sun’s rays to power your property with complete residential, commercial and agricultural solar panel services from Moxie Solar.

Started by Jason Hall in 2008, Moxie Solar was originally an energy efficiency consulting company. Over the years, we’ve helped North Liberty, Cedar Rapids & Davenport residents with every part of the design and installation process. Work with a team you can count on during your switch to solar energy – work with Moxie Solar. Call 855-669-4387 now to get started.

We only use the highest quality products on your installation

Looking for ways to decrease overhead at your company? Ready to ditch traditional energy at your home or farm? Moxie Solar in Austin, TX; Chicago, IL; North Liberty, Cedar Rapids or Davenport, IA, is the answer. Our crew will be your complete resource from beginning to end:

  • Ensuring you know of all available tax credits and advantages to solar energy
  • Performing energy audits on your residential, commercial or agricultural space
  • Designing a system that’s specific to your property

We contract with master electricians, who will safely install your solar panels, and an in-house solar analyst, who will determine the precise number of panels your home, business or farm needs. You’ll work hand in hand to create a system that is affordable, sustainable and renewable.

Call Moxie Solar, the largest solar panel company in Iowa, to find out how much you could save. Reach us at 855-669-4387.

Ready for an energy bill that doesn’t break the bank?

Instead of stressing over how you’re going to pay your electric bill, you’ll be planning where you can spend that money. Take your energy efficiency one step further with LED lighting and a programmable thermostat, and give yourself some peace of mind with an infrared doorbell camera.

Moxie Solar has all your residential, commercial and agricultural solar energy needs covered. Begin the planning process today - call us, whether you're in Chicago, Austin, or here in Cedar Rapids, Davenport and North Liberty, IA at 855-669-4387.

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